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Back in the days of the Corner Drug Store almost all medications were made or mixed on the premises by the Pharmacist. Commercially made products were the exception NOT the norm. Over the last several decades it has become the norm (expected) for the pharmacist to only count out premade medications to be dispensed to the patient. This has many good features (increased speed in preparation for example). But we have been limited to what was available. Our pharmacy is taking a giant step forward to provide the basic option of compounding that was discarded many years ago by most pharmacists. The physician can now be much more creative in selecting therapy. He is not limited by only what is commercially available.


  1. You may need a different strength than what is readily available. We can quite often get the pure chemical and make any strength dosage that may be needed.
  2. The dosage form may be hard to swallow and need to be a liquid or even possibly a topical gel that can be absorbed thru the skin.
  3. Commercial products usually come in only one flavor. We can alter this to just about any flavor you choose.
  4. The preservative bothers some people and they may need a preservative free version.
  5. Pharmaceutical companies may stop making products for which there is limited demand. This doesn't make the medication any less effective, just unavailable. If we can obtain the pure chemical we can compound this discontinued medication for the occasion when it is still the correct choice for the problem.

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