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A System for Prevention and Management of Life-Style Associated Diseases.

What is Take Charge?

Take Charge is a system of life-style modification that teaches you how to retake control of your life.

It has been estimated that up to 90% of health problems are related to life-style choices. Take Charge teaches you how to make healthier choices in your life related to nutrition, weight and body fitness. You will learn to take personal responsibility for your health, and how to make it last for a lifetime.

To fully appreciate the advantages of everything Take Charge is, you must first recognize:

  • It is not a costly, complex combination of products.
  • It is not another one of those miracle programs that promises everything for nothing.
Take Charge is a simple, honest, completely safe and surprisingly easy change you can make today. It should quickly become a permanent part of your life-style, and a big reason you live a longer, healthier life.

Who benefits?

Just about anyone, of any age, who wants to be a healthier person can benefit from Take Charge.

If you are a person who wants to:

  • Adopt a healthier life-style...
  • Manage or prevent life-style associated disease...
  • Save money on future health care...
  • Decrease or eliminate costly medication expenses...
  • Develop a better body...
  • Look and feel better…
  • Have super self-esteem...
  • Just be a better you and please your loved ones...
Then Take Charge can help you achieve your goals.

What to expect?

In a typical Take Charge System you can expect to:

  • Learn what you are made of (fat, lean body mass, etc.);
  • Follow a program of nutritious, low-calorie meal replacement and vitamin/mineral supplementation based on your actual body composition;
  • Track and record your progress weekly with your personal "coach;"
  • Learn to avoid the wrong foods, select the right foods and prepare healthful, nutritious meals;
  • Surrender some unhealthy habits and replace with healthier ones;
  • Look at your body composition again at the end of six weeks and at twelve weeks;
When you come into the Take Charge Program you should be:
  • Dedicated to at least 12 weeks of learning by doing.
  • Prepared to shed some old practices and willing to adopt a healthier life-style.
  • Determined to begin and continue some form of exercise.
  • Aware that your new life-style is for a lifetime.
  • Ready to accept full responsibility for what you are and what you will become.
Take Charge is not for everyone. If you are one who is dedicated and willing to reclaim a healthier you and a great appearance and self-esteem; then you are ready for Take Charge.

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